Addressing the Need to Capture Savings in a Fast-Paced Environment

Posted by Andonix on Dec 6, 2019 8:28:31 AM

Despite record-high stock market indexes and record-low unemployment, there are several indicators that the economy is starting to slow and that a recession, while not necessarily imminent, is on the horizon. Already, we’ve seen the ISM US Manufacturing purchasing manager’s index drop to a 10 year low of 47.8% in September and overall four months in a row of contraction.

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How to Increase Productivity, Capture Savings and Fund Your Industry 4.0 Journey

Posted by Andonix on Nov 4, 2019 10:53:00 AM

By 2030, Gartner estimates that 30% of industrial enterprises will have full deployments of constantly connected platforms. Through this year, only 15% of those organizations have done so. As a result of this rapid expansion, the global IIoT market is expected to grow to nearly $1 trillion by 2025 at a CAGR of 29.4%.

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Unlocking Savings Quickly through Industry 4.0 Transformation

Posted by Andonix on Oct 11, 2019 6:24:07 AM

For the first time since January 2016, ISM’s manufacturing index fell below 50% in August. It fell even lower in September to 47.8%, marking the first contraction of manufacturing activity in the economy after 125 consecutive months of growth.

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